Our audit services

For D.C.A SAM, the audit of the accounting and financial information also contributes to the development of the Monegasque corporate structures whatever their size.

For our partner, statutory auditor , member of the Monegasque chartered accountant order, certifying the accounting and financial information of your company also covers analyzing the risk of conformity, an indistinctive factor of the good progress of your company.

Our team made up of qualified professionals intervenes within the framework of contractual audit engagements and statutory audits, not only for assessing the sincerity of the annual accounts but also in the prevention of the risks and the control of the results :

  • statutory audit
  • audit of group reporting under international accounting standards
  • audit in context of acquisition or company mergers
  • due diligences

Business expertise

Taking into account the stakes and specific problems of each branch of industry, D.C.A. SAM develops business expertises such as private banking, portfolios management, shipping, luxury hospitality and leisure, cosmetic, to answer your expectations.