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DCA SAM provides you with its know-how and experience to advise and assist you in your business creation projects and the monitoring of your businesses.



  • Assistance during establishment projects in the Principality of Monaco (choice of structure) formalities related to the constitution of SAM, SARL, civil companies and activity in personal name, monitoring of these formalities, registration with all administrations (Trade Directory and Industry, Tax Services, Employment Service, social funds)

  • Assistance in the context of the purchase of an existing structure

  • Audit of legal registers

  • Maintaining the legal secretariat of SAMs and SARLs and Civil Societies (assistance in drafting boards of directors and / or general meetings, statutory modifications, etc.)


  • Monegasque tax advice

  • Help with the establishment of tax declarations for Monegasque SCIs and residents of Monaco holding real estate in France

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