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By entrusting DCA SAM with the processing of your pay, you benefit from the technical skills of our pay service by freeing you from configuration problems and constraints linked to the permanent evolution of social legislation.

In addition to the outsourcing of payroll, we offer you personalized support in compliance with social legislation and conventional regulations.




  • Establishment and control of pay slips.

  • For the payment of salaries: automatic generation of a Sepa file which will be sent to the banking establishment.

  • Calculation and sending of monthly, quarterly and annual social declarations.

  • Implementation of legal or conventional settings.

  • Possibility of exporting accounting entries in different formats.

  • ​​ When taking on a mission, we carry out a critical analysis of the payroll in order to offer you personalized follow-up taking into account the particularities identified on the file.




  • Formalization of contracts and management of amendments while ensuring respect for the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee.

  • Assistance during checks carried out by Monaco's social funds.

  • Support in the different stages of hiring an employee.

  • Implementation of termination procedures (retirement, resignation, dismissal).

  • For managers with proof of an employment contract: study of the social status with respect to Pôle Emploi.

  • Social costs assessment / Payroll compliance audit.

  • Our social team is there to offer you service and advice tailored to your needs. We work in close collaboration with each interlocutor designated by our customers. We will thus be able to respond reliably and precisely to the many demands that you may have in social matters.

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